True “Will” and the Human Experience

Look at how so many pursue one pleasure after another, with pleasure always being subject to constant change, going through dispersion, falling prey to natural corruption. How meaningless it all becomes.

How can one try to will a single thing that can never in itself remain the same thing – pleasure, power, honor, riches, and all the benefits of the world? You eventually have to become self-divided, double-minded; at complete odds with yourself. First comes one will, then right away another, then sometimes the complete opposite will depending on a given circumstance.

What is the true will of such a person? It’s simply new pleasures… something new! Something more! Some kind of change!

In the short-lived moment of experience – around 70 to 100 years at the maximum, although in reality this following moment could be your last – the worldly goal is ultimately nothing more than an empty pursuit.


What else are pleasure and riches in their boundless extremes than weariness and, eventually, nausea?

What else is earthly honor at its absolute highest point than the desire to end existence; for, what more can come after that point? 

What else is worldly power other than dependence on the world’s devotion?

Slavery, isn’t it?

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