Homecoming (Original Poem)

"The blank signature" by Rene Magritte (1965)
“The blank signature” by Rene Magritte (1965)

Grain melon aperture
in a twenty-seven-hour crunch.
believing in the devil and
all the angels who’ve risen
from the depths of wooded forests
to the heights of cold and blue
inverted seas;
a gravity case,
a charity worker riding her steed—
indeed, caught amongst the
decorative trim and the shredded thistles
that brought her there.

And on the dawning of a pale, black tire monstrosity,
there is a rosy implementation—
coarse temptation of her eleven other senses.

Where are you, if you’re not here? Neither here in soul
nor body. Asleep, yet very much alive.

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