Ten Things an Evangelical Once Told Me (Original Poem)

Photo: Tom Pickering

If a man is the third type of soil
in Jesus’ Parable of the Soils,
he can never become the fourth type.

Pastors never talk about
being a disciple;
all they ever talk about
is obeying God.

When Luke wrote that Paul and Barnabas
had “won a large number of disciples,”
he just forgot to mention the basic believers.

There has to be a future Millennial Kingdom
so Jesus can prove to the world
how humans don’t obey Him.

If good works are the mark
of a true Christian, then salvation
is conditional on true faith.
And that’s wrong.

Israel and the Church
are two completely different
peoples of God.

There are so many true Christians
who die and go to heaven
before becoming disciples.

Christ will ultimately fail
to purify every single person
whom He wants to purify.

It’s entirely possible
for a normal Christian to be perfect
and not boast about it to anyone.

There are so many regenerate souls
who just have no desire
to follow Jesus in their lives.

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