Uncivilized (poem)

All our people will hear Her millions of compatriots, the roaring march of ardent forces throughout the Motherland. Behind the Party, the Priest Caste and the masses, revolutionary ranks of Kim-il-sungists and Kim-jong-ilists.

So firm in faith, deft in exploits, blood-sealed for the good of the fortress. Engineering thirst and mettle in the People’s bright Republic, trampling on the birch of Paektusan.

“우리는 것 “We will
개선 improve
표준 the standard
생활의.” of living.”

We will light exalted glowworm fires with our strong, industrious hands, hammering away at Masikryong speed; a vicious wind to sweep away old tidal flats.

“소중한 “The precious
평화 peace
요구 demanded
로 by
이들 these
배.” times.”

True peace, my son, must always be upheld at the point of a gun.

“우리는 것 “We will
당신을 데려 bring you
선군 단결, seon’gun unity,
핵 전력 nuclear forces
압류 이동 moving to seize
각 그램, each gramme,
각 와트, each watt,
각 드롭 each drop
즉했다 that had
당신이었다.” been yours.”

The future will ever move forward, advancing and stamping out all our hearts, our minds, our souls, our strength, lest we all stay so uncivilized.

Chris Bacavis

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